Golden Clog 2020:
intermediate result

The aim of the Golden Clog competition is to encourage KOVZ members to come together for training events and selected orienteering competitions as specified in the list below. Through participation in the included events you can earn points. Each year, the winner is presented with the Golden Clog challenge cup during the Annual General Meeting (called "ALV").

The intermediate result is:

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plaatsnaamscore11 Jan12 Jan02 Feb
1Imke van Opstal19979971000
2Adrie van Opstal18541000854
3Johan Verbakel1702921781
4Albert Jan Kuiper1610767843
5Lieke van Opstal1588890698
6Olaf Woertel15005001000
7Vincent Verstappen1301632669
8Steven Jochems1196500696
9Anna Serrallonga1196250946
10Ronald Somers10001000
11Ralph Kurt920920
12Jean-Pierre Kellens906906
13Patrick Bleyens730730
14Adriaan Burgmans553553
15Ideke van Hoof500500
16Rene van Os500500
17Marco Smulders500500
18Masja Ven van de500500
19Peter Voermans500500
20Carla Zwanenberg500500
21Mirjam Zweerts500500
22Ludo Kaethoven500500
23Desmond Franssen500250250
24Giel Pardoel500250250
25Co Tops500250250
26Ivan Batchev250250
27Alfons Bosch250250
28Ruud Schonewille250250
29Oswald van Bockstal250250

Rules of the Golden Clog competition

  1. In 'Score'-type competitions you receive 1000 points if you win, otherwise the time of the winner will be divided by your time and multiplied by 1000. If you choose to run an open course (such as SD of LE) you will receive 500 points, regardless of your time. If you get disqualified or do not finish you will still receive 250 points for participating;
  2. In 'Bonus'-type competitions you will receive points for participation with the number of points specified in parentheses in the list below;
  3. Participation in a training session organised by KOVZ is rewarded with 500 points;
  4. If you are a beginner orienteer: in your first full year you may start in an easier category and still receive your points;
  5. Children up to 10 years of age may participate under supervision;
  6. KOVZ members who are also members of a Belgian orienteering club may be listed in the results under the name of their Belgian club;
  7. If organising or helping with the organisating of a KOVZ event prevent you from participation in an included competition organised by KOVZ, you will receive the average number of points you won in the competitions where you did participate;
  8. During the summer months, July and August, only one competition will be included in your results. If you participate in both, the higher result will be used.

Golden Clog races 2020

12 januari KOL, Dessel score
2 februari KOL, Hoge Rielen score
15 maart Trol, Vriesel score
26 april Olifant, Tilburg score
17 mei HAMOK, Holven score
14 juni Argus, ? score
12 juli HAMOK, Waterschei score
2 augustus Trol, Kasterlee score
6 september Minor, nk estafette bonus
27 september Olifant, ? score
18 oktober Omega, Weyervlakte BK middel score
15 november HOC, Interclub. bonus
22 november HAMOK, Hamont herfstwisselbeker score
6 december Omega, Beverlo score