My “O-blog” in English! Welcome…

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bekijk in het Nederlands

I made a translation of part of my Orienteering blog/site. Most content is still in Dutch, but I will add more news in both languages, and translate some of the existing content. Orienteering is international, after all.

However, for the time being, switch to the Dutch language pages to see most of the interesting content, until I have found a way to show that, translated or not, on the English part of the site.

Orienteering (Dutch: Orientëringslopen or Oriëntatielopen) is an interactive 3-D 1st-Person Game played in real-life. You get actually tired an sweaty. It’s both physically, mentally, and intellectually challenging. You should try it!
But you can also see it as a serious form of athletics, where you, agile as a monkey, with an iron condition, sprint through the wild, while the TomTom in your head consumes the oxygen by calculating the fastest from a countless number of alternative routes. It depends how you look at it.
With a GPS in your hand it would be Geocaching and you are free-styling. But you do not have one: you have a thumb-compass.

Jan-Gerard van der Toorn

On this blog, I write about my own race experiences, about material tips and tricks, about rules-of-thumb for routechoices, and about software. I’m a running nerd.