Routegadget : Boshoverheide/Sylvester 2011

The issue with the database has been resolved. You can now upload your GPS tracks, or draw your route on the map manually. If you have questions, send me an email: jg.2011 at

Pictures of the event can be found on

This page is in English, for all the foreign competitors. Sorry, but I don’t speak all the other languages that have subscribed for this event.


With Routegadget, you can view the actual routes on a map. The different courses are pre-loaded, and the results, the Splits, are pre-loaded. You can make the different runners actually run on the map, with there respective pace on each leg.

But even better, you can edit your own route. That is the main advantage. We get the most out of it when more and more people enter their route. You can show your brilliant path-finding to others, and learn from the route decissions of the best runners.

There are two ways to enter a route:

  • By oploading a GPS track (GPS watches are not always allowed, but non-interactive GPS-trackes without a screen can be used in general). This particular Routegadget map has been georeferenced which means that your GPS data will fall right on place. Very easy.
  • By entering it manually with you mouse. Draw a line by clicking on the points you passed, and that is it.

The routes are directly visible to others. I have even prepared a laptop to allow entering your breadcrumb-track during the event (after the last participant has started).

After 13:30, at December 29th 2011, the site will be enabled. THIS IS THE LINK TO THEM MAP .

Pay attention: Wait until the map has fully loaded until you click on anything, otherwise Java might crash. And starting RouteGadget or SplitsBrowser twice can cause problems as well.

To view the maps, you need Java. Quite often, this has been installed in your browser already, but otherwise you can download it here. Then, after you clicked the link to RouteGadget, the map will be loaded. You can select the desired language on the top-right of the screen.

  1. Wait until the map has become visible.
  2. Select one or more competitors.
    1. Therefore, click on the popup underneath Choose competitors.
    2. Select a course from the list. The controls of the course will be plotted on the map.
    3. The names of the competitors will be shown underneath the selected course. The order of the names may be random.
    4. Select competitors by clicking on them, one at a time. You can use the button Deselect all on the bottom of the screen to clear your selection.
  3. Then click, on the bottom of the screen, on View routes. Now, the routes of the runners are shown, when the selected competitors have entered them but GPS-upload or manual drawing.
  4. With the + and – buttons, you can zoom in and out of the map. (Smooth scaling indicates the method Java uses to render the zoomed map, sharper or less sharp.) With your right mouse button, you can drag the map.
  5. You can start an animation with the selected runners. First, select the course, then the competitors, like described above, then FIRST click View routes and THEN View animation. Then animations starts when you press Start (bottom right of the screen). You can stop it, and make it go faster or slower. Note that you have to drag the map to the start position to see the animation, when the first control is not yet visible on your screen.


Upload a GPS track by clicking on “GPS” in the top right of the screen. Then select the file format to upload. You must first have downloaded the data from your GPS. (If you have trouble getting the data from your GPS, send me an email, maybe I can help you.) The track you upload should only contain the race. That means that you will have to edit the track in your favourite software (e.g. Mapsource, TrainingCenter, Basecamp, etc) to cut off the points before and after the actual race.

Then select the file (use Browse to browse your local storage), and click OK. In principle, the map has been georeferenced, you your track should be fitting immediately. Otherwise, drag the three blue handles until your track matches the map.

Follow the instructions after the upload. Select course and competitor name. When done, click the link to return to the map. Now, your track should be visble, among the others.

Draw your route

If you don’t have a GPS track, you can manually draw your route. This works quite easy. Click on Draw your route, select your course and your name, and start drawing. The straight-line course is already shown in magenta.

  • Drag the map to the start location.
  • The first leg is highlighted in blue. Your track is in red, but now, it is still only a dot.
  • Point on the location you moved to after the start. Click on the map. Now, the actual track is shown in red, and a blue line indicates the direction to the next control.
  • Continue until you reach the first control. Now the next leg is highlighted in blue.
  • Just continue those steps. Remember to drag the map with the right mouse button.
  • If you made a mistake, you can take steps back, by clicking the Undo button on the top right of the screen, next to Draw your route.
  • When you have reached the finish, click on Save route, and follow the further instructions.

When done, click the link to return to the map. Now, your track should be visble, among the others.

That is it. Now enjoy the results, as more competitors draw their trails, and analyse the differences in speed, to learn for a next race.

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